Our Story

At Fisher®, we take pride in creating high quality, great tasting nuts. Whether you want a tasty snack or something to spice up your recipe, you can count on us.

100 Years of Fisher®

It all started in 1920 when Sam Fisher first created a line of salted in-shell peanuts in St. Paul, Minnesota. It wasn’t long before they became a consumer favorite and could be found in ballparks throughout the U.S. Today, we offer a full line of snack and recipe nuts that are enjoyed around the world.

50 Years
Mixed Nuts
In the 1970s, we launched our proprietary honey roast flavor. Today, that flavor is used on multiple nut types and is the leader among other brands.

Our Nuts

Our recipe nuts are a wonderful way to add flavor and texture to any dish without adding preservatives. Look for the signature stand-up bag in the store, and at home, re-seal the bag to ensure freshness at all times.

Our Nuts