Recipe Nuts


Stand up for Freshness!

Fisher® recipe nuts are a wonderful way to add flavor and texture to any dish without adding
preservatives! Just look for our stand-up bag and enjoy the taste and convenience of Fisher®.


All Fisher® recipe nuts are Non-GMO Project Verified.

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Perfect for your favorite brownie recipe, used in a delicious breading, or sprinkled across a fresh spring salad, pecans are great for adding some tasty crunch to your favorite dish!

  • Pecans, Halves
    2oz bag | 6oz bag | 10oz bag | 16oz bag | 24oz bag
  • Pecans, Chips
    2oz bag | 6oz bag | 10oz bag
  • Pecans, Chopped
    2oz bag | 6oz bag | 10oz bag | 16oz bag | 24oz bag
  • Honey Roasted Pecans, Chopped
    10oz bag


Walnuts are one of first nuts ever eaten by people, and we just keep coming back for more! Crunchy, delicious and just a little tender, Fisher® Walnuts bring the crunch to your favorite dishes!

  • Walnuts, Chips
    2oz bag
  • Walnuts, Chopped
    2oz bag | 6oz bag | 8oz bag | 10oz bag | 16oz bag | 24oz bag | 32oz bag
  • Black Walnuts
    2oz bag
  • Walnuts, Halves & Pieces
    2oz bag | 6oz bag | 10oz bag | 16oz bag | 24oz bag | 32oz bag


Cooking with Fisher® almonds adds a unique flavor to many of your favorite recipes. Rich and mild with a delicious crunch, our premium almonds are the perfect accent to any dish!

  • Almonds, Sliced
    2oz bag | 10oz bag | 16oz bag | 24oz bag
  • Toasted Almonds, Sliced
    10oz bag
  • Almonds, Whole
    6oz bag | 16oz bag
  • Almonds, Slivered
    2oz bag | 10oz bag


If you’re looking for additional inspiration to add wonderful Fisher® flavor to a dish or dessert, here are some more delicious ideas.

  • Pine Nuts
    2oz bag
  • Macadamia Nuts, Chopped
    2oz bag
  • Hazelnuts, Chopped
    2oz bag
  • Dried Cranberries
    2oz bag
  • Raw Peanuts (Seasonal), Whole
    30oz bag